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Heavy Duty Lockers Are Great Solutions For Staff And Pupil Storage

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Our Heavy Duty Lockers are based on the system 1300 ‘Vedette’ range of mild steel lockers. The system 1300HD is available in six door options from full length to six compartment lockers with a choice of door colour. These lockers are strong and secure provide users with an aesthetically pleasing storage solution and piece of mind.

Locker doors are manufactured from Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) or High Density Chipboard  to provide a high level of security as well as giving aesthetic appeal where required.

The three main laminate products we use are Polyrey, Arpa and Swiss Kronos (Colour charts available upon request).

Digital Combination Locker Lock DCL

Digital Lock

Coin Lock For Lockers

Coin Lock

Keyed Lock For Lockers

Keyed Lock

Latchlock for lockers


Locking types include keyed, coin/token -operated, (collect,refund or free use) padlock latch lock and digital combination locks.

  • End Panels – For aesthetic appearance and to protect row ends, specifically designed end panels are available.
  • Sloping Top – Recommended where users may leave items on top of lockers.
  • Spare keys and locks.
  • Locker numbering, padlocks, wristbands and much more.
*Now available with fire retardant laminate as an optional extra. Please call us for further details.

Full locker installation options are also available. For further information go to our installation page

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