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School Lockers

View the Helmsman range of school lockers with both metal & laminate door options available. Our heavy duty metal and laminate lockers are an ideal solution for schools and have become popular with new academies, colleges and universities in recent years. With a mild steel frame and solid grade laminate locker doors they offer the strength, durability and security needed to cope with the demands placed upon modern school storage.

We can help you choose what’s best for your school

We offer two Heavy Duty locker types for you to choose from. Either our Heavy Duty lockers (Plant On Doors), giving a seamless wall of colour, or our “inset” door locker where by the doors are “inset” into the door frame for extra security. Our metal lockers are also popular and are available in different configurations and styles.
Helmsman can also provide you with a bespoke locker service and will do our best to fulfill your needs. We have been providing lockers to schools for many years so we’re familiar with a schools personal requirements when it come to pupil and staff storage.
* Prices for our locker installation are available upon request
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School lockers installed

Our Steel frame lockers with heavy duty solid grade laminate doors. A popular choice with Colleges and Universities.

Secure Heavy Duty Lockers

Inset Heavy duty doors giving extra security meaning pupils and staff can store there items.

Metal School Lockers
Metal lockers continue to be popular in many schools. These lockers are available quickly with various configurations available.
Lockers For Primary School Pupils
Our Primary School lockers meet the demands of the schools we have worked with over the years. Manufactured to suit the needs of specific Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 age groups.

Helmsman has accurately translated our vision into reality, a rare achievement.The lockers are made of excellent materials: tough, pupil-proof and kick resistant. We’re proud of the well built design features combining health and safety and computerised access. All of these present an attractive impression that everyone is proud of.

Dianna Simpson

Deputy Head Teacher, Kingsdale High School