Laundry Lockers



The Helmsman’s Laundry Lockers (or Garment Dispensers) ensures that clean laundry for the individual employee is secure and ready for collection at any time of the day or night. The system keeps garments clean and secure, thus reducing casual theft and eliminating the need for staffed cloakrooms and stores.

Key Features
  • Each user can have a personal compartment key which gives them access 24 hours a day
  • All compartments are fitted with either 10-disc tumbler cam locks, with 2,000 different combinations or combination locks*
  • Number labels are available to identify compartment doors inside and out
  • A single service key opens the main door of the Garment Dispenser, allowing all the compartments to be loaded with clean garments in a single operation
Colour Options
Stove enamelled standard door & body colour options for lockers. Metal Locker Colour Sheet
Lock Options
Locking types include latch locks and cam locks.
Additional Options
Sloping Top – Recommended where user may leave items on top of lockers.


Specification Sheet

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