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Our iPad lockers are an efficient and effective way of storing your valuables. We can also also offer an extra option of charging your iPhone’s, iPad’s, laptop etc. An amazing design achievement that’s used by offices, retail environments and educational establishments.
This product can supplied with or without charging capability (charging version has an AC power socket and x2 USB ports). The popularity of these lockers are due to the convenience and security that the locker has to offer. We currently supply these lockers to schools and businesses nationwide.
Don’t forget that that most of our products can be designed to suit your needs. If you need more or less compartments or have special sizing requirements please get in touch and let us know. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs where possible.

Locker doors are manufactured from Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) or Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) to provide a high level of security while also giving aesthetic appeal.

Digital Combination Locker Lock DCL

Digital Lock

Coin Lock For Lockers

Coin Lock

Keyed Lock For Lockers

Keyed Lock

Latchlock for lockers


Locking types include keyed, coin/token -operated, (collect,refund or free use) padlock latch lock and digital combination locks.


End Panels – For aesthetic appearance and to protect row ends, specifically designed end panels are available.

Sloping Tops – Recommended where users may leave items on top of lockers.

Accessories – We can offer spare parts for your locker (keys & locks) however we can also provide you with wristbands, number discs and various other locker parts and spares.

*Now available with fire retardant laminate as an optional extra. Please call us for further details

Helmsman have an experience installation team who are able to both consult and help you complete your locker project.

Details on our installation service are displayed here

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