Many systems are bespoke and unique for each educational establishment and when EasyTrace was faced with the challenge to find a locker manufacturer that was flexible, adaptable and with an innovative approach they found that Helmsman came out on top.

Working as a team we designed and produced a unique locker system combining quality, security and an optional charging unit for laptops to the education market.

Schools investing in laptops for their students enjoy the flexibility each laptop provides but have experienced issues surrounding trailing charging leads within the classroom and the limited battery life. The lockers at Chafford Hundred have been specifically designed to allow the laptop to be fully charged whilst in a secure storage unit.
The lockers are built to accommodate all makes and styles of laptops. Each locker has a segmented compartment to protect the laptop and the charging lead is powered from within the locker.

Most schools face an unacceptable level of administration, where lockers are key operated or padlocked. Pupils, in some cases, pay a yearly fee for the use of a locker. This could be a barrier to a pupil securing their belongings in school.

The swipe card solution negates the need for duplicate keys, bolt croppers and all the administration and management surrounding conventional lockers.

So…….how does it work?

The locker has an integral intelligent swipe card unit that ‘remembers’ the card identity. Each pupil or member of staff is issued with a card and has a locker allocated to them. The card is then inserted into the locker swipe card reader to release the six point locking system. It’s as simple as that! In the event of a card being lost or stolen or access being needed by one of the management team, a master card is used to gain access.

Within the locker, which can be of any design, colour and size, there is a jack plug that will deliver the correct voltage and amperage to charge any make of laptop. The locker can be designed with a laptop shelf thus protecting the laptop accidental damage or contact with wet/damp clothing.