Replacement Locker Doors

Helmsman manufacture and sell a wide range of replacement locker doors from metal and solid grade laminate (SGL) materials. We can supply doors of many different sizes from full length to eight compartment doors and up to twenty compartment doors for Garment Dispenser lockers.

Being a manufacturer means that we can also supply replacement locker doors for most versions of the following locker types.

  • Link LockersLocker Repairs
  • Garran lockers
  • Probe lockers
  • QMP Lockers
  • Bisley lockers
  • Elite lockers
  • Garran lockers

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Helmsman’s Service department will help you identify the right solution for your lockers can identify your lockers for you, simply give us a call on 01284 727633 or email a picture of your lockers to and we can do the rest.

Locker Door Fitting

It’s usually quite a simple process to fit a new locker door however if you do require a an installation service please let us know

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